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Monday, September 17, 2012

JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 Might not happen.

On the unfortunate note it is now known that do to Silva's past no one wants to work with him on the 3rd movie...


  1. hey cast and crew my name is Daniel chambers and i don't care what u think about victor salva's past he is a great director and has made the greatest horror movie ever jeepers creepers and it would really suck if know one wants to make a JC3 it needs to happen and ill help B-) hear is my Facebook and hear is my email B-)i hope to hear from u soon B-)

  2. If you judge about the past you are very wrong.

  3. God Dammit!!! What the fuck is wrong with people?! Of all the violent, drug-addicted ex-cons making movies in Hollywood, those holier-than-thou hypocrites don't want to work with a man who paid his debt to society more than 20 years ago?! What a crock of shit!

  4. I just want to see part 3.

    The fans have been waiting since 2003. Give them what they want. A really good trilogy maker.