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Monday, April 11, 2011

All about the Creeper Truck, and where are they now.

Did you know that the movie made total of 3 TRUCK,
1st truck was not made to run.
2nd truck had a 6 cylinder engine and was used in most of the scenes.
3rd Truck which had a V8 engine was mostly used in the Chase scenes.

you probably wondering where are those trucks now?  Well i do know one thing is that i have read somewhere that someone spotted one of the Truck in California driving in the warehouse where they started shooting Jeepers Creepers 3, and if you are asking if the Truck will make it's return in part 3 than the answer is ''' YES'''

well here is the website enjoy.


  1. Honk! Honnnnnnnkkk!

  2. I have a 1936 Chevy rat rod and it needs a bumper. Could you help me find the bumper used in te movie.? Or a similar one? Thanks

  3. I have a 1941 COE that I am making into a Creeper Replica. I need photos and dimensions if anyone has any.

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