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Monday, April 11, 2011

I will post my Jeepers Creepers Memorabilia HERE when i have something new.

Here I will post my latest stuff , MASKS, PROPS, KNIVES, POSTERS, ETC...

Here is what i have so far.

The Creeper mask was made by the same FX studio, that did all the work with Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2. Mask was made by Brian Penikas and his team. Curently he is making me the Deluxe version Mask, which is allot more detailed. Here is their website if you want to order one.

4/14/2011 Update.
Hello, again as i mentioned earlier , i would be posting new stuff. Well you remember i told you that Brian Penikas was working on my Deluxe Creeper Mask, well here is a pic,

 he sent me when he took  it out of the Mold. I will post more pics once i receive the Finished Mask. So Subscribe and Stay Tuned. More interesting Jeepers
Creepers stuff and news will be announced.

4/20/11 UPDATE.

Here is my latest .

Jeepers Creepers Lenticular Cover DVD '''' VERY VERY RARE'''' just got it today.

Than i got my 2 new Posters.

more stuff soon.

4/26/2011 Update.

Today i have received the Full set of the Knifes From Jeepers Creepers 2, these are amazing, the Detail . check it out.
They made by Factory X.


5/03/2011 UPDATE.
The Ultimate Piece has arrived. The Creeper Deluxe mask.
Again Big Thanks To Brian Penikas.Brian also sent me a signed complimentary Poster., and the Costom Creeper NamePlate i ordered from him.
Here are the Pics..

Update 5/10/2011

Throwing Creeper Stars and plate.

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  1. All your memorobilia is awesome! Where did you get the Jeepers Creepers 1 poster from? It's so cool :D