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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Memorabilia Update.

Check out my new stuff in Memorabilia Section.

Here is a little sneak peak at my Ultimate Creeper Deluxe mask  That i am waiting for...

The Full reveal i will do once i receive it.This is the finished and will be shipped today.Last time u seen this it was unpainted. FOR FULL REVEAL GO TO MEMORABILIA SECTION...LATER

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mr.Troy Jackson and the Creeper Truck, Law by day Creepers Brother By Night.

Presently Troy putting together His own 1941 CHEVY COE, to make it into  a Creeper Truck.

Here are the Pics Troy sent me. Thank you Troy.

Make-up & Monsters Studios The FX Team that is responsible for the Creeper Existence and allot more of your favorite movies.

Please let me know what you think of these great man and women that make this all happen.

Jonathan Breck a man Behind the Mask.

So who is this mysterious man, behind the Creepy look of our beloved Creeper? He is one and only Jonathan Breck and this is his story.

Although a veteran stage actor, Jonathan Breck first received nationalacclaim when he burst onto the scene as The Creeper in MGM's "Jeepers Creepers"(2001).

 When the film became the surprise hit of the year, his days of anonymity were over. The original "Jeepers Creepers" has since gone on to gross over 100million worldwide. Since then Mr. Breck has appeared in numerous film and television roles including:"Beat Boys, Beat Girls" (Independent), "Good Advice" (HBO), "Spiders" (New Image),"I Married a Monster" (UPN), "Jag" (CBS), "Star Trek: Voyager" (UPN), "VIP" (Fox),and "Push" (ABC). In 2003, Mr. Breck reprised his role as The Creeper in "Jeepers Creepers 2".Critics described his performance in the sequel as "nothing short of brilliant... he firmly establishes himself as an of the classic movie monsters of all time." "Jeepers Creepers 2" has become an instant classic, already grossing over 100million dollars worldwide. MGM Studios, overjoyed with the success of the sequel,is rumored to have already ordered a third film to be produced in 2005. With the completion of his trilogy, it appears Mr. Breck will stand poised to take hisplace as "The Freddy Krueger for the new generation". In early 2004, Jonathan filmed the Sci-Fi action thriller "DREAMLAND".

Jonathan resides in Los Angeles, where he takes full advantage of the beautifulweather. He is an avid surfer, sailor, and hiker. His favorite "past time",however, is to travel. There is nothing like "jumping on a train or a plane andgetting lost. I learn more about myself in those moments than in anything else Ido".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

All about Rosewood Lane a new movie By Victor Salva the Director of Jeepers Creepers.

Beatngu3's Playlist

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Did you Know that Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 DvD's Had very limited version of Lenticular DVD Covers?

As i found out not long ago that Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2 DVD's had Lenticular Versions with a 3D like Holographic Cover Inserts. I own 1 from Part 2, i will post pics later.

Here is a pic of the First one.

Hers is the 2nd one.
Did you also know that German release of Jeepers Creepers had a nice Deluxe Edition. See Pic below.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'''Brian Penikas''' The Man Behind The FX work on The Creeper and allot more of your favorite Movies.

Brian Penikas The well known, FX artist and also managing project Director and Key designer for Make-up & Monsters Studio, who also worked on allot of your favorite Movies including Jeepers Creepers. But that's not all. Here is his Story.

"For 30 years, Emmy nominated make-up artist Brian Penikas has made a career of bringing interesting characters to the big and small screens with the use of Special Make-up Effects. His career began as an assistant and designer to many of Hollywood’s top make-up artists. His early works include “Cocoon”, “Aliens” “Alien Nation”, and the Oscar winning Rocky Dennis bio-pic “Mask”  (starring Eric Stoltz and Cher).

As Creative Director for Make-up & Monsters Studios, Brian and his team have contributed their unique skills and talents to many of your favorite films and televison shows.

Whether it’s creating something as infamous as the scar for Dr. Evil in “AUSTIN POWERS II:The Spy Who Shagged Me” , a nose for Al Pacino in “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”, legions of scallywags for “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2, 3, & 4”,
or something as monumental as the creatures and victims for  “JEEPERS CREEPERS 1 & 2”, Penikas and his crew approach each project with the same creative enthusiasm and attention to detail that has driven them for decades.  Every project presents new creative challenges and Brian says he “feeds on” and welcomes  those challenges.

What does Brian do when he’s not creating make-up effects for the cinema?  He is the “Keeper of the Glue and Faith” for his group, APEMANIA, a re-enactment/parody troupe that pays tribute to the film classic Planet of the Apes.  

Penikas credits the original 1968 classic as being his inspiration since childhood to pursue make-up and effects as his chosen career.  He also says that dressing up as a gorilla with his cohorts to entertain people is just another defiant excuse to never truly "grow up and get a real job"!"

Here is his another website ''''''

Cool Jeepers Creepers Bike.

Found these on Google. Those of you who are Bike fans will love this paint job.

Location of the Famous Church in Jeepers Creepers 1.

You all loved that scene from JP 1 where he dumped the body down the pipe by the church. Well , if you live anywhere near Ocala Florida, than look for that church.