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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Victor Salva is happy that the Creeper has Been chosen as the #4 Movie Monster of all time...

A poll was taken on WorstPreview, and it showed that after four thousand of their readers were asked, The Creeper ranked the number four scariest movie monster of all time. So does this Mean that The Jeepers Creepers 3, might not be the last one.. Lets hope not..

1 comment:

  1. I looked at that face perched on our barn roof, then looked down at my gun loaded with 255grain solids that broke 1100fps and had busted through both sides of our concrete cistern, then looked back at that face on the barn - When it smiled at me, I doubted my bear-loads would do anything more than simply piss it off. So I told our dog I now understood why he refused to go outside and we slowly retreated back into the house. About 5 years after seeing that face grinning from the barn roof, I see it again - in this movie - What are they?